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When you use turns to collect cash, please record your collection results in this section. This will allow us to get a better picture of the effectiveness of various collection efforts. PLEASE KEEP THESE SORTED by category, then by number of turns used and happiness and payout levels, then by the number of operatives used and amount of goods produced.

Collection Record

Please follow this template when recording collections:

  • (number of turns used) (happiness level/payout level)
    • (number of operatives): (amount produced)

Card Dealers



  • 5 turns (100%/10%)
    • 73,086: $3,617,757
  • 5 turns (100%/10%)
    • 56984: $3,077,136
  • 5 turns (100%/5%)
    • 56984: $2,906,184
  • 5 turns (100%/15%)
    • 56984: $2,977,414


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