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The Museum of Broken Memories is an adventure video game. It is the fourth game released by its writer, designer and developer, Jonas Kyratzes. For Microsoft Windows, it was released for download on August 19, 2006.


There is no continuous story as the game works like a museum; there are different 'fragments' with different stories. To complete the game, the player must interact with the exhibits, thereby journeying through the fragments of story. Each fragment has separate visual aesthetics and story, but all plots link in with each other.[1]


The music used in the game was composed by BL Underwood and Stud, and taken from the album The Maze of Shadows and the EP J.E. Brandenburger respectively.[2]

Critical reception

Jayisgames described The Museum of Broken Memories as "a beautifully woven interactive narrative that may even be considered a work of art."[3]


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