The Return of Ishtar (イシターの復活 Ishitā no Fukkatsu?) is an arcade game that was released by Namco in 1987. It runs on Namco System 86 hardware and is the sequel to The Tower of Druaga, which was released three years earlier. It is the second game in the Babylonian Castle Saga series. It was ported to the MSX, FM7 and included in the Namco Museum Vol. 4 for PlayStation.



The Return of Ishtar is an adventure game for two players. One person controls the maiden Ki who fights with magic and the other person controls Gilgamesh, the sword-wielding prince. Players are given a password to allow them to continue from where they left off. This sequel starts off directly after Gilgamesh has saved Ki from Druaga, and is focused on their escape from the tower and its inhabitants who are after Gilgamesh and Ki to avenge their former master.


  • Design: Masanobu Endō (遠藤雅伸)
  • Programming: Satoshi Naitō (内藤智)
  • Character design: Yūichirō Shinozaki (篠崎雄一郎)
  • Music: Junko Ozawa (小沢純子)

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