The Rogue Isles are a fictional island chain in the City of Heroes universe, and are the main setting for City of Villains. They are northwest of Bermuda and run from 20 to 50 miles from the U.S. coast, with the capital of Spider City at the 50 mile marker (outside of U.S. jurisdiction). They are officially known as the Etoile Islands, but it is a rarely-heard name. They are currently run by Lord Recluse and his Arachnos criminal organization, which has set itself up as a government. Its primary goal is to act as a foil to Statesman's Paragon City, and were it not for the devastation of the world's militaries in the Rikti War, it seems like many of Recluse's actions towards Paragon would be taken as an act of war.



Pirates, yes. Buried treasure, not so much.

  • 1600s: Islands are discovered by a secret French sect, the Children of Enos. They enslaved the native population and put them to work building a base to use against their enemies in France and the Catholic Church.
  • 1750-60s: Waves of refugees come in due to the French & Indian War, and the Seven Years' War. In the mid-60s they rebel for independence from France and sign a protection pact with England. It becomes a haven for English privateers, but later more neutral.
  • 1810-1830s: Children of Enos secretly return and begin taking positions of power behind the scenes.
  • 1833: On April 3, the main island of Grandville turns volcanic and breaks itself into the modern islands of Grandville, Cap Au Diable, Port Oakes, and Bloody Bay. Many of the Enos elite are killed and they lose their power.
  • 1930s: Villains begin to flock to the Rogue Isles following the appearance of Statesman. With men of power standing to gain from a neutral territory, they are welcomed in. Arachnos sets up a sleeper cell here, prior to Recluse's acquisition of the organization.
  • 1950s: Following decades of invisible manipulation, Recluse reappears and stages a coup of the island.
  • 2005: On October 31, Arachnos launches Operation: Destiny, and begins to break possible 'Destined Ones' out of the Zigursky Penitentary in Brickstown. One of these criminals has been predicted by the Fortunata Kalinda to lead Arachnos to ultimate victory.


Within the Rogue Isles

Connected to the Rogue Isles by Portal, Boat or Helicopter

Note: PvP Zones have a minimum level, and a set level each player plays at. Other levels are recommendations only.

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