The remnants of the ancient city of Illusk stand on the southern shore of the Mirar, in the lee of Closeguard Island. All that remains of this once-proud city are a few shattered towers and toppled statues choked with creepers and thick brush. These ruins are bounded to the north by Luskan's busy market and to the south by the city's noisy slums, and bisected by Darkwalk, the street that leads to the Dark Arch. The Darkwalk is named for the haunted reputation that clings to the ruins of Illusk.

Fear of the magical traps and guardian monsters, as well as the sleepless undead, has kept most of the tombs and treasure undisturbed. Still, a few enterprising rogues have escaped the ruins with spellbooks, scrolls, magic armor, and rich caches of gems and coins. The dead far outnumber these lucky few, though, and Luskanites have a saying: "Only the most desperate try to rob the dead of Illusk."

Luskanites rarely brave the overgrown northern ruins, even in the full light of day. There are persistent rumors of slave traders kidnapping folk and taking them below (a fate often threatened for unruly children by Luskanite mothers). No known maps of the underground chambers and passages exist, and no Luskanite will admit to knowing their ways.

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