The Shield is a video game based on the television show of the same name.[2] The Shield is a third-person shooter where players take on the role of Vic Mackey fighting crime on the streets of Los Angeles. The game received negative reviews.[3]


The Shield plants itself firmly post-third season but pre-fourth season. The fallout from the money train robbery has already taken place and Detective Vic Mackey and his strike team of dirty cops are on the verge of disbanding. The game begins with the final episode of the third season, where Vic kills Margos Dezerian. Officials wants the team reassigned, members of the team are unhappy with the way things are going and Captain Aceveda tells them it's going to take a major bust to salvage any hope of keeping the team alive. The big bust in question turns out to be an arms race between the Byz-Lat and One-Niner gangs. Mackey is tasked with breaking up the battle, finding the guns, and arresting as many of the thugs in charge as possible.

Critical reception

The game received generally negative reviews from critics and fans alike, despite eager anticipation and high expectations.

The PS2 version received an average score of 38% based on 21 reviews on the review aggregator Game Rankings,[4] and an average score of 37 out of 100 based on 21 reviews on Metacritic.[5]

The Windows version received an average score of 34% based on 6 reviews on the review aggregator Game Rankings,[6] and an average score of 34 out of 100 based on 7 reviews on Metacritic.[7]



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