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The Simpsons: Road Rage is a racing game developed by Radical Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts released for the Xbox, Game Boy Advance, GameCube, PlayStation 2 that is based on the cartoon show of the same name.


The Simpsons: Road Rage is based on the animated television series "The Simpsons". In the story of the game, Mr. Burns has bought all transit systems in Springfield and has begun to create radioactive buses that threaten public health. Because of this, the citizens of Springfield must use their own cars as a means of safer public transport and earn money in an attempt to pay back Burns to get rid of the radioactive buses and return the town back to normal.


Practically identical to Crazy Taxi; Players take control of various Simpsons characters in different types of vehicles to carry passengers around Springfield in the shortest time possible to earn maximum cash.

Facts about "The Simpsons: Road Rage"RDF feed
ContentTypeVideo Game +
DeveloperRadical Entertainment + and Altron +
DisplayNameThe Simpsons: Road Rage +
FeaturesSingle-player +
FranchiseThe Simpsons +
GameCatVideo Game +
GameCube Release2001 +
Game Boy Advance Release2001 +
GenreRacing + and Sports +
NameSimpsons: Road Rage +
NamePageThe Simpsons: Road Rage +
NamesSimpsons: Road Rage + and The Simpsons: Road Rage +
North American GameCube Release2001 +
North American Game Boy Advance Release2001 +
North American PlayStation 2 Release2001 +
North American Release2001 +
North American Xbox Release2001 +
PageNameThe Simpsons: Road Rage +
PageTypeVideo Games + and Games +
PlatformXbox +, Game Boy Advance +, GameCube + and PlayStation 2 +
PlatformTypeConsole + and Handheld +
PlayStation 2 Release2001 +
PublisherElectronic Arts +
RatingBodiesESRB +
RatingsESRB-T +
RegionNorth America +
StatusReleased +
Xbox Release2001 +
Year2001 +

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