PlayStation 2

For these to work, go to the options in the start menu, hold down L1 and R1 and enter these codes:

  • Invincible Car:
  • Blow up cars on impact:
  • "Drunk" mode:
  • Better Acceleration:
  • Better Speed:
  • Speedometer:
  • Allow Jump with Button:


From the main menu, select Options, and while holding the L & R buttons, the following codes can be entered;

  • YYXX - One Hit Kills
  • YAYA - Invincibility
  • XXXX - Very Fast
  • YYYY - Very Very Fast
  • XXXY - Horn Super Jump
  • BABY - Polygon Grid
  • YYBX - Speedometer
  • BBBA - More Camera Angles
  • BBYX - Red Brick Car
  • YBYB - Psychedelic
  • AXXY - Alternate Credit Music
  • ABAB - All Reward Cars (only works after beating the whole game)

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