The Sims series

The Sims series was made by Will Wright. It is the first series of a simulation game by Electronic Arts and Maxis. The word "sims" comes from the word "simulation".

The Sims

This, as well as its sequels, center around taking care of a family. You can make your own family or you can pick one of the pre-made families. You can make your Sims get jobs and have to be picked up by a carpool, which shows up 1 hour before your Sim's job starts. When the carpool shows up you may notice the raggedy look of it (rust and bad sounds) but as you get promoted the car gets better. The Sims 1 also has a building mode in which you can build a house and buy objects for a family and have the family move into it. As the house gets bigger its value will naturally go up so don't make it too expensive as your family only starts out with 20,000 simoleans (money).

The Sims 2

The sequel to The Sims 1 with features such as, the ability to buy a car (In Nightlife) and take that to work instead of having a carpool pick you up, and has a new "build" your Sims mode with a new operating system. Instead of having premade faces you can create your own faces, change the size of your nose, mouth, and eyes and can choose more clothing options. The Sims 2 has new graphics update.

The Sims 3

The newest release from EA (Will Wright and his team at Maxis were working on Spore). The Sims 3 opens a new gaming experience to The Sims series. Released in 2009.

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