Passcodes: (Gameboy version)

Level 5 PBSP
Level 10 ZRMS

Passcodes: (NES version)

RCRD Act 4 (Easy)
LBRT Act 4 (Hard)
HDLS Act 4 (Normal)
DNLV Act 8 (Easy)
ZYDR Act 8 (Hard)
RBNG Act 8 (Normal)

Passcodes: (Sega Master System version)

Level 5 NTLR
Level 10 MCSD

Passcodes: (Super NES and Mega Drive versions)

For getting past the Carnivorous Plant:

  • On the Super NES: Brainy, Smurfette, Greedy, Jokey

SNES Smurfs Code 1

  • On the Mega Drive: Smurfette, Smurf, Greedy, Papa

SMD Smurfs Code 1

For getting past the Snake:

  • On the Super NES: Papa, Jokey, Brainy, Greedy

SNES Smurfs Code 2

  • On the Mega Drive: Jokey, Brainy, Papa, Smurfette

SMD Smurfs Code 2

For getting past the Dragon:

  • On the Super NES: Smurf, Greedy, Papa, Smurfette

SNES Smurfs Code 3

  • On the Mega Drive: Brainy, Jokey, Smurf, Greedy

SMD Smurfs Code 3

Passcodes: (Gameboy Advance version)

14226 The Forest
60443 The Tree
07801 The Bridge
71026 The Black Forest
42726 The Carnivorous Plant
23726 Unlock 2nd Mini-Game
72811 The Lake
70726 The Haunted Lake
17133 The Field
32381 The Dam
54246 The Swamp
20046 The Snake
70833 Unlock 3rd Mini-Game
50461 The Cave Entry
57046 The Cave
76533 The Mountain
40651 The Mine
88746 The Volcano
67236 The Dragon
00851 Unlock 4th Mini-Game
87121 The Descent
82436 The Cliff
53303 The Wall
27551 Gargamel's Manor
01836 The Staircase
12106 Gargamel
02521 The End: Credits
75313 Unlock 5th Mini-Game

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