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Passcodes: (Gameboy version)

Level 5 PBSP
Level 10 ZRMS

Passcodes: (NES version)

RCRD Act 4 (Easy)
LBRT Act 4 (Hard)
HDLS Act 4 (Normal)
DNLV Act 8 (Easy)
ZYDR Act 8 (Hard)
RBNG Act 8 (Normal)

Passcodes: (Sega Master System version)

Level 5 NTLR
Level 10 MCSD

Passcodes: (Super NES and Mega Drive versions)

For getting past the Carnivorous Plant

On the Super NES: Brainy, Smurfette, Greedy, Jokey
SNES Smurfs Code 1
On the Mega Drive: Smurfette, Smurf, Greedy, Papa
SMD Smurfs Code 1

For getting past the Snake

On the Super NES: Papa, Jokey, Brainy, Greedy
SNES Smurfs Code 2
On the Mega Drive: Jokey, Brainy, Papa, Smurfette
SMD Smurfs Code 2

For getting past the Dragon

On the Super NES: Smurf, Greedy, Papa, Smurfette
SNES Smurfs Code 3
On the Mega Drive: Brainy, Jokey, Smurf, Greedy
SMD Smurfs Code 3

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