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The Spirit of Eternity Sword

Eternity Sword 2

聖なるかな - The Spirit of Eternity Sword 2 is a Japanese Fantasy Strategic Role-Playing Game created by XUSE for Windows 2000/XP.

Introduction: The main protagonist, Nozomu Setoki, is a high school student plagued by moments of weakness, fainting spells and strange dreams of familiar faces in alien landscapes and speaking an unknown language. He is supported by his childhood friend Nozomi, whom Nozomu treats like a sister, his enigmatic friend Akatsuki Katsuki, a boy from another class, and the beautiful Satsuki Ikaruga, School Council President and idol, who makes no secret of her interest in Nozomu. Strange incidents begin to happen around Nozumu, and he and his friends eventually find themselves swept away from their home to other worlds. Nozomu discovers a mysterious power within himself, and must learn to control it as he battles against a mysterious enemy bent on destroying all that exists in order to find the way home again for him and his friends.

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