The Tick is a beat 'em up video game developed by Software Creations and released by Fox Interactive in 1994. Available for Super NES and Sega Mega Drive, it is based on the comic book and Fox Kids animated series of the same name.

Style and receptionEdit

The game's style is very typical for this side-scrolling genre. The Tick's signature humor is also present in various parts of the game, such as his unorthodox gestures and "Spoon!" battle cry after completing a level (or starting a level in the Mega Drive version). Forty-four levels make up the game with "wobble" environments and arcade style graphics.[1]

However, in contrast to the popular animated series it is based on, the Tick video game was met with overwhelmingly negative criticism. While the accurate graphics and jazzy background music are moderately well received, many gamers dislike the seemingly endless supply of look-a-like enemies and the limited punch-and-kick style gameplay. The game ending is also widely regarded as empty and unrewarding.[2] Brett Alan Weiss of Allgame called The Tick "repetitive" and "boring."[3]

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