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In June 1984, Namco released the arcade game, The Tower of Druaga, which combined hack & slash real-time combat with some basic RPG elements, laying the foundations for early action role-playing games such as Dragon Slayer and Hydlide.[2] The Tower of Druaga's hack & slash combat included the ability to both attack with a sword by pressing the attack button and defend with a shield by standing still.[3] It attracted millions of fans in Japan, and went on to inspire early action RPGs such as Dragon Slayer,[4] Hydlide, Ys and The Legend of Zelda.[2]

It is the first game in the Babylonian Castle Saga franchise.


Inspired by ancient Babylonian mythology, specifically the Epic of Gilgamesh and Tower of Babel, the game follows a knight named Gilgamesh as he climbs an enormous tower and fights the eponymous Druaga, while rescuing Princess Ki.


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