Penned by Augustavus Cale, founder of the notorious Trade of Blades guild and freehouse, this book appears to be a rather lengthy self-published rant on why the city guards of Neverwinter should not be wasting time trying to moderate the activities of mercenaries. His "argument" appears to be a thinly veiled extortion, implying untold mayhem if the needs of these sellswords are not accommodated.


Much has been made of the threat to out lands and homes posed by men and women of the sword, those that walk the roads with no ties to lord of lady. Many have argued that allowing these creatures to maintain quarters in Neverwinter is to invite trouble. I would say that to turn them away would bring double or triple hardship down upon the surrounding settlements. If you deny the mercenary his living, what recourse will he or she have but to turn to banditry?

Would it not make sense to allow the Trade of Blades to welcome them, thus imparting a sense of kinship with the city? Does it need to be said that having them here for our hire is far better than turning them away and into the arms of our enemies? It is in the best interests of Neverwinter that not only is the mercenary tolerated, but welcomed.

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