Welcome to the Underworld Online! This is a free MMORPG mafia game.

Enter a world of corruption and death. A world where no second thought is taken when eliminating an adversary. Become a mafia boss and command a private army of mercenaries and use their services to enforce your agenda.

Create organizations and forge alliances to fight common enemies. Ghost those who oppose, bless those who obey, and expand your empire in the underworld.

Underworld is a browser-based game which means there is nothing to download or install! Play a little or play a lot. Just remember to watch your back.

You start as a two-bit hustler on the street with no respect. Respect has to be earned in this world, and respect is spelled m-u-s-c-l-e.

This is the underworld -- where hustlers become kingpins and kingpins become floating corpses all in the same night.

Each "round" is 10 days long.

The Mafia boss with the highest networth rules the underworld and wins the cash prize. While the top ranking Mafia families also win prizes. Create your own Mafia organization with other live mafiosos.

Game data

Text Based Browser Game

  • Published by Omega Ent. 2006

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