Soundtrack songs

  • Barry De Vorzon – "Theme from The Warriors"
  • Arnold McCuller – "Nowhere to Run"
  • Mandrill – "Echoes in My Mind"
  • Barry De Vorzon – "The Fight"
  • Joe Walsh – "In the City"
  • Genya Ravan – "Love is a Fire"
  • Barry De Vorzon – "Baseball Furies Chase"
  • Johnny Vastano – "You're Movin' Too Slow"
  • Desmond Child – "Last of an Ancient Breed"

Licensed songs

  • Chanson – "Don't Hold Back"
  • Gene Chandler – "Get Down"
  • Love De-Luxe – "Here Comes That Sound Again"
  • Fear – "I Love Living in the City"
  • Amii Stewart – "Knock on Wood"
  • Spanish Harlem Orchestra – "Pueblo Latino"
  • Vivien Vee – "Remember"
  • Iain Matthews – "Shake It"
  • Alberto Alberto – "Traigo De Todo"
  • Dr. Hook – "When You're in Love with a Beautiful Woman"

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