The Warriors: Street Brawl is a beat 'em up side-scrolling game created by Warner Bros. games. It was released on the Xbox Live Arcade in Summer 2009. It is based on the 1979 movie The Warriors, which is based on the novel by Sol Yurick. It has six playable characters: Swan, Cochise, Vermin, Rembrandt, Ajax (Unlockable), and Mercy (Unlockable). It comes with 12 achievements worth a total of 200 gamerscore.


The Warriors: Street Brawl received generally unfavourable reviews.

Brett Todd of Gamespot[1] stated in his review that while "Fans of the movie will appreciate the settings and enemy gangs," ultimately "You can't dig it." Todd says that "Ridiculously protracted levels, repetitive punch-ups, and murky graphics make it just about impossible to stick with the game long enough to see Luther clinking beer bottles on Coney Island." Todd closed his review stating that " get a real dose of Swan, Ajax, and the boys, you'd be better off popping the movie into your DVD player than spending 800 Microsoft points on this," giving the game only a 4.5/10.

Cyril Lachel of[2] says of the game that it is "one of the most disappointing games of the year." Lachel claims that "instead of being a fun extra, it's a full laborious product that sucks all of the fun out of the property." He also says that "The problem with The Warriors is that it doesn't play fair. From the very get-go you are swarmed with more enemies than you can fight at any one time. And just to make things harder (and increase the size of the level) you are forced to deal with reinforcements." Lachel scored the game a "C."

The game has a current score of 40% at[3].


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