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The X-Files: Unrestricted Access was a PC game developed by Fox Interactive to tie in with the show.


It was a game-style database that purported to give users 'unrestricted access' to the X-Files cases. The 'game' had the premise that you had hacked into a 'highly-classified' secret Government Web site enabling you access to all Mulder and Scully's investigations. It had downloadable content to keep the game up to date, but it was very short-lived as the content updates were not very frequent.


Features are as follows (taken directly from the box cover):

  • Prowl through dossiers assembled on original characters
  • Inspect audio-visual evidence such as photographs and video clips
  • Examine 3-D physical evidence
  • Spy on private locations with video surveillance
  • Use the desktop designer to choose screen savers, wallpaper, and more.

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