Thea Realm Fighters was an Atari Jaguar game scheduled for Q3 1995 release. This fighting game by High Voltage Software was one of the Mortal Kombat rip offs developed in response to Mortal Kombat popularity.[2] Even though the game was never released, several people have played the working demo of the game at some point.[1] There are no known copies available publicly and game has not been emulated.


Thea Realm Fighters was a fighting game developed on the heels of the popularity of the first two Mortal Kombat games. Like some other examples of games built to compete with Mortal Kombat (most notably Tattoo Assassins) it was canceled before its release. Shrinking market for the Atari Jaguar games potentially contributed to this decision, as suggested by one of the developers.[3] Created by High Voltage Software, game was featuring digitized characters, some of them portrayed by martial artists known from the Mortal Kombat games. Also the plot itself was strikingly similar with final boss, SurRaider, willing to conquer the planet and add Earth to his vast empire.[4]

Game was featuring over 25 characters and four different modes with over 30 different backgrounds said to create different combat situations and scenarios.[5][6] After defeating 12 characters player was to face SurRaider, a powerful warrior from another dimension. At least four moves per character and 2 special finishers were available.[4]

Showed during E3'95 and scheduled for Q3 1995, game was reported to be unpolished and too early to judge, with spectacular backgrounds and lackluster character animation. Only 4 characters were available at that time with only one featuring special moves.[7][8]


The game featured a total of over 25 characters to compete against, including 12 main characters and 12 other special characters as well as several subboses and 5 hidden characters. Characters known from available screenshots and press coverage include:[7][4]

  • Prince Pak
  • Tok
  • Sparq
  • Royal Marshall
  • SurRaider


Martial artists involved in the development of this game include:[5]


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