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Thenusi is a small, barren rock. Though there is evidence that it once had at atmosphere of carbon dioxide, only trace amounts of krypton and xenon remain. Like Siano, it is tidally locked to Dirada.

Facts about "Thenusi"RDF feed
Atmospheric PressureTrace +
Day Length73.1 Earth Years +
DisplayNameThenusi +
ElementLore +
GamesMass Effect 2 + and Mass Effect 3 +
NameThenusi +
NamePageThenusi +
NamesThenusi +
Orbital Distance25.7 AU +
Orbital Period73.1 Earth Years +
PageNameThenusi +
PageTypeElement +
Radius3,602 km +
Surface Gravity0.33 G +
Surface Temperature263.15 K (-10 °C, 14 °F, 473.67 °R) +

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