Extra Cash

Open up the file dark.cfg in the Thief II folder with notepad and add this line at the bottom.

cash_ bonus X

Just replace the X with any amount you want and you will start with that amount of cash when you're at the equipment purchasing menu.

File Editing Cheats

These cheats involve editing a game file, so create a backup copy of the file before trying the cheats. Use a text editor (Wordpad, Notepad) to edit the user.cfg file in the Thief 2 directory.

Get away with murder

Enter cheats_active on a new line, then enter nokillgoalcheat on the next line. You can now kill people even if the goals tell you not to.

All locks unlocked

Enter cheats_active on a new line, then enter lockcheat on the next line. Almost all locked locks will be unlocked.

Expert mode

Enter cheats_active on a new line, the enter one or more the following lines after it. (I'm not entirely sure about these three cheats effects).

  • FailOnSee - If an enemy sees you you will fail the mission.
  • FailOnKO - If you knock out an enemy you will fail the mission.
  • FailOnKill - If you kill an enemy you will fail the mission.

Skip Level

During the gameplay, press 'Ctrl' and 'Alt' and 'Shift' and 'End' controls together.


Dancing Zombies

In the 3rd mission Framed, throw a scouting orb over the wall just next to your starting position to see the dancing zombie easter egg.

Developer Quotes

Get to the final mission, Sabotage at Soulforge.

To get the quotes, you need to get 5 Combat bot boilers and 5 steel plates.

To get the boilers, you need to disable 5 Combat bots and bash them until they break apart. Steel plates can be found in the various storage rooms.

Get to the Rolling machine in Bay A and put in 1 boiler and 1 steel plate then active the machine. Do this for each of the five pairs. After the last pair has been placed and rolled, the scroll containing the developer quotes will appear at the end of the machine.

Easier way to get quotes

Go to your Thief 2 Directory. Enter the RES folder, then find the file "books.crf". Open it using WinZip or another ZIP tool. Inside books.crf, enter the "english" directory and find the file "M16B66.str". Open the file using the Wordpad or any other word editing tool.


Avoid 'No-Kill' Rule

Throw a weapon such as the Mechanist mace, or the Hammerite hammer, to kill enemies but avoiding the no-kill rule at the same time.

Extra Cash

Make a save file just before finishing a mission. Complete the mission as usual, and than make another save file in a different save location. Reload the save file that was made before the mission was finish. Complete the mission again. Your money count is now double of what it should be. Repeat this if you choose so.

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