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Thin Ice is a game released for the Intellivision. It is an adaptation of a Data East arcade game called Disco No. 1.


Oh, no! Duncan is on the loose! Duncan is a penguin who loves to skate on thin ice, much to the dismay of the other penguins. As Duncan skates he weakens the ice; if he skates completely around another penguin -- KER-PLASH! -- the ice collapses and the penguin falls into the pond. Duncan has only two worries -- the seal who loves to bounce him on her nose, and the lumbering polar bears who like to bat him around.

You control Duncan by pressing the hand controller DISC. Skate around the other penguins, dunking them in the pond. Avoid or dunk the seal and polar bears. Gobble shrimp cocktails for extra speed. Dunk all of the penguins, then take the Zamboni ice resurfacer out for a spin to fix up the pond -- more penguins show up and the game continues at the next level, harder than before!

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