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The Three Kingdoms: Fate of the Dragon is a video game developed by Overmax Studios in 2001 for the PC. It is based on the historical background of the epic Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

As one of the three Warlords of the Kingdoms (Liu Bei of Shu, Cao Cao of Wei and Sun Quan of Wu) in 184 AD China, the player must build your own regime, develop new technologies and create mighty armies to conquer the other Warlords and ultimately take control of the Three Kingdoms and reunify China.

The Fate of the Dragon is a real-time strategy game very similar in format to that of the Age of Empires series, developed by Ensemble Studios. In which the user takes on the role of a "spiritual leader" or "God" of one of the Three Kingdoms and controls their faction through the means of pointing and clicking on certain parts of the map to decide what to do.

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