Three Rings Design, Inc. is an online game developer that was founded on March 30, 2001 by Daniel James and Michael Bayne. The company is named after the Three Rings of the Elves in Tolkien mythology, and the names of the Three Rings show up in various places throughout Puzzle Pirates such as in the name of the developer flag, Vilya.[1] The company's first and primary product is Yohoho! Puzzle Pirates, an MMORPG in which the player plays a pirate on one of multiple oceans.

The company's second product, released December 1, 2006, is a western-themed Tactical Multi Player game named Bang! Howdy.


Game Gardens

Three Rings Design has also created a site called Game Gardens, which hosts free tools for creating and playing Java games. Using the toolset requires knowledge of Java, but the toolset automates many basic game-related functions. Some Puzzle Pirates players use it to create demonstrations of new puzzle ideas for the game; because the tools are the same as those the designers use, importing a Game Gardens puzzle into Puzzle Pirates would not be difficult.


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