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One of the oldest and most successful still running rpg's in Europe, Tibia has been running for over 10 years and has been frequently updated ever since its beginning. Updates happen seasonally, Summer and Winter being content updates, Spring and fall being technical updates.


In tibia you can play as one of four vocations: A Druid, Sorcerer, Knight or Paladin . The main challenge in tibia is to develop the skills of your character by killing a variety of creatures, exploring the vast amount of areas or simply socializing with Tibia's diverse community. Tibia Run's on two dimensional Graphics which makes it ideal for those who are not running the most up-to-date software or using the best and newest hardware. Although the graphics are not as visually exciting as some other famous mmorpg's this game can be richer than other games in terms of its community, sense of adventure and teamwork.


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