Tim Curry (born April 19, 1946) is a respected actor who has done voice work in numerous games.


Tim was born in Cheshire, England. His father was a chaplain in the Royal Navy and his mother was a secretary. His successful break into acting came in The Rocky Horror Picture show with the role of Frank N. Furter. He's a natural comedy player as seen in films such as Clue, Oscar, and Home Alone 2, but has also played memorable dramatic roles. His voice also makes him perfect for voice acting roles in live action films (Legend & Jumagi), animated films (Alladin, Rugrats), and in video games (Wing Commander III, Gabriel Knight 3).

Roles in Video Games


  • Curry's likeness was used for the character Mr. Hector in the video game adaptations of the 1992 film Home Alone 2: Lost in New York as he portrayed the character in the movie.


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