Tintin: Destination Adventure is a video game, loosely based on characters from The Adventures of Tintin comic book series written and drawn by Hergé. It was released for Microsoft Windows and PlayStation in Europe in late 2001.


The gameplay is similar to the previous two Tintin games (Prisoners of the Sun and Tintin in Tibet), with the exception in some parts where the player can operate vehicles. Aside from this the only other enhancement is the use of full 3D for the game.

The places visited in the game are from

  • The Black Island
  • Red Rackham’s Treasure
  • The Land of Black Gold
  • Explorers on the Moon
  • Flight 714 to Sydney


The game was never released in the United States and the PlayStation version can only be played on U.S. machines with a modchip. The Windows version works on any PC with the correct requirements.

Release datesEdit

  • Tintin: Destination Adventure for PlayStation - September, 2001
  • Tintin: Destination Adventure for Windows - November, 2001

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