Tiny Kong

Tiny Kong

Game Series Donkey Kong series
First Appearance Donkey Kong 64
Species: Kong
Gender: Female
Likes: Bananas, Kicking butt
Dis-Likes: King K. Rool
Family:  :Sister - Dixie Kong
Cousins - Donkey Kong, Kiddy Kong, Chunky Kong
Fighting Style: Kung Fu
Weapon(s): Feather Crossbow, Saxaphone
Skill(s): Simian Slam, Super Simian Slam, Super Super Simian Slam,
Special Skill(s): Mini-Monkey,

Ponytail Whirl, Monkey-Port

Voice Actor(s):  :Donkey Kong 64 - Tress MacNeille
Other games - Jen Taylor
Currently - Unknown (presumably Samantha Kelly)
Trademark: Flower Shirt, Short Stature (until later games)

Tiny Kong is a member of the DK Crew in the Donkey Kong series of video games. She is Dixie Kong's younger sister and the cousin of Kiddy Kong, Chunky Kong, and Donkey Kong. Her first appearance was in Donkey Kong 64

Donkey Kong 64

"Dixie's VERY little sister brings a big dose of flower power to the Kong's campaign. You'll find her pigtails perfect for pugilism and not too bad for a helicopter ride from the treetops. Tiny never shrinks from her responsibilities - even when she shrinks herself physically for a mouse's eye view of the action." - Biography from Donkey Kong 64.

  • Potions:
    Pad Move - Monkey Port
    Barrel Move - Mini Monkey
    Special Move - Ponytail Whirl
  • Shooter - Feather Crossbow
  • Instrument - Saxophone
  • Banana Color - Purple
  • Level Found - Angry Aztec
  • Level Boss - Angry Jack (Frantic Factory)

Diddy Kong Racing

Tiny appears as a playable character in Diddy Kong Racing.

Speed - 2
Acceleration - 3
Handling - 3

Donkey Kong Barrel Blast

Tiny appears as a playable character in Donkey Kong Barrel Blast.

Boost - 5
Speed - 4
Agility - 2

Mario Super Sluggers

Tiny Kong appears as a playable character in Mario Super Sluggers. (Note: The below information was copied from the Super Mario Wiki [1])

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