TipTop is a titles-matching computer puzzle game created by ASAP Games and published by PopCap Games.



There are 3 types of gameplay:

  • Regular: The the player may select where to drop the falling game blocks (these are the blocks at the top of the game screen that fall down), but has no control over where the next floating block will pop up (these are the blocks that appear at the bottom of the game screen and float up). There is no time limit in Regular mode.
  • Strategy: Strategy mode is a slower paced game where the player can control the position of either the falling or the floating block each turn, but not both at the same time.
  • Speed: Speed mode offers a drastic change of pace from the other modes. It is similar to Regular mode in that the player controls only the placement of the falling blocks, but the floating blocks float up every few seconds, regardless of whether the player has dropped a block or not. Each level gets a little faster.

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