Titan Quest Immortal Throne character classes

First Mastery Second Mastery Class
Storm N\A Stormcaller
Storm Earth Elementalist
Storm Warfare Thane
Storm Spirit Oracle
Storm Defense Paladin
Storm Nature Druid
Storm Hunting Sage
Storm Rogue Sorcerer
Storm Dream Prophet
Earth N\A Pyromancer
Earth Warfare Battlemage
Earth Spirit Conjuror
Earth Defense Juggernaut
Earth Nature Summoner
Earth Hunting Avenger
Earth Rogue Magician
Earth Dream Evoker
Warfare N\A Warrior
Warfare Spirit Spellbreaker
Warfare Defense Conqueror
Warfare Nature Champion
Warfare Hunting Slayer
Warfare Rogue Assassin
Warfare Dream Harbinger
Spirit N\A Theurgist
Spirit Defense Spellbinder
Spirit Nature Soothsayer
Spirit Hunting Bone Charmer
Spirit Rogue Warlock
Spirit Dream Diviner
Defense N\A Defender
Defense Nature Guardian
Defense Hunting Warden
Defense Rogue Corsair
Defense Dream Templar
Nature N\A Wanderer
Nature Hunting Ranger
Nature Rogue Illusionist
Nature Dream Ritualist
Hunting N\A Hunter
Hunting Rogue Brigand
Hunting Dream Haruspex
Rogue N\A Rogue
Rogue Dream Dreamkiller
Dream N\A Seer


Normal sets

These sets have no particular set bonuses. All sets are in alphabetical order.

Set name Items of Set Completion Bonus Requirements Male Female
Abyssal armor
  • Abyssal Plate
  • Abyssal Bracers
  • Abyssal Greaves
  • Abyssal Shield
  • 10% Damage Resistance
  • 50% Pierce Resistance
  • 50% Elemental Resistance
  • 50% Poison Resistance
  • 25% Life Leech Resistance
  • 25% Energy Leech Resistance
  • +4% Shield Block
  • +50% Health regeneration
  • +50% Energy Regeneration
  • +115 Defensive Ability
  • +10% Energy Absorption from Attacks
  • Level 39
  • Strength 440
Abyssal Armor m Abyssal Armor f
Adept's Regalia
  • Adept's Clasp
  • Adept's Mantle
  • Adept's Leggings
  • Adept's Diadem
  • 10% Damage Resistance
  • +200 Health
  • +200 Energy
  • +100% Energy Restoration
  • Player Level 34
  • Dexterity 137
  • Intelligence 325
Adept's Regalia m Adept's Regalia f
Alexander's Panoply Alexander's Panoply m Alexander's Panoply f
Archmage's Regalia Archmage's Regalia m Archmage's Regalia f
Argonauts Set Argonauts Set m Argonauts Set f
Armament of Poseidon Armamet of Poseidon m Armamet of Poseidon f
Armament of The Fiery Legion Armamet of The Fiery Legion m Armamet of The Fiery Legion f
Armor of the Immortal Guard Armor of the Immortal Guard m Armor of the Immortal Guard f
Armor of Troy Armor of Troy m Armor of Troy f
Aspect of the Wild Aspect of the Wild m Aspect of the Wild f
Assassins Cover Assassins Cover m Assassins Cover f
Atreidae Atreidae m Atreidae f
Babylonian Raiment Babylonian Raiment m Babylonian Raiment f
Bane of Messia Bane of Messia m Bane of Messia f
Bane of the Karkinos Bane of the Karkinos m Bane of the Karkinos f
Bone Armor Bone Armor m Bone Armor f
Bonzer's Gift Bonzer's Gift m Bonzer's Gift f
Cestus Set Cestus Set m Cestus Set f
Children of Ares m.JPG Children of Ares m Children of Ares f
Conqueror's Panoply m.JPG Conqueror's Panoply m Conqueror's Panoply f
Crystalline Array Crystalline Array m Crystalline Array f
Darkseer Set Darkseer Set m Darkseer Set f
Diomede's Armor Diomede's Armor m Diomede's Armor f
Dreamweaver's Regalia Dreamweaver's Regalia m Dreamweaver's Regalia f
Erebus Set Erebus Set m Erebus Set f
Eternal Ward of Tartarus Eternal Ward of Tartarus m Eternal Ward of Tartarus f
Firewalker's Suit Firewalker's Suit m Firewalker's Suit f
Gebel Tjauti m.JPG Gebel Tjauti m Gebel Tjauti f
Habiliments of The Druid Habiliments of The Druid m Habiliments of The Druid f
Hunters Armor m.JPG Hunters Armor m Hunters Armor f
Huo Qubing's Relics Huo Qubing's Relics m Huo Qubing's Relics f
Imperial Raiment Imperial Raiment m Imperial Raiment f
Labyrinthine Warsuit Labyrinthine Warsuit m Labyrinthine Warsuit f
Lazarus Armor Lazarus Armor m Lazarus Armor f
Legend of Fu Xi Legend of Fu Xi m Legend of Fu Xi f
Memnon's Raiment Memnon's Raiment m Memnon's Raiment f
Necromancers Habiliment Necromancers Habiliment m Necromancers Habiliment f
Nemean Lion Hide Nemean Lion Hide m Nemean Lion Hide f
Obsidian Armor Obsidian Armor m Obsidian Armor f
Oracle's Garments Oracle's Garments m Oracle's Garments f
Panoply of the Moirae Panoply of the Moirae m Panoply of the Moirae f
Plouton's Vestment Plouton's Vestment m Plouton's Vestment f
Pride of the Jade Palace Pride of the Jade Palace m Pride of the Jade Palace f
Pyromancer's Guard Pyromancer's Guard m Pyromancer's Guard f
Raiment of Camus Raiment of Camus m Raiment of Camus f
Rainment of the Storm Rainment of the Storm m Rainment of the Storm f
Ramse's Royal Armor Ramses' Royal Armor m Ramses' Royal Armor f
Rogue's Cover Rogue's Cover m Rogue's Cover f
Safeguard of the Mantis Safeguard of the Mantis m Safeguard of the Mantis f
Shadow Guard Shadow Guard m Shadow Guard f
Tempest Tempest m Tempest f
Templar Zeal's Set Templar Zeal's Set m Templar Zeal's Set f
The Acropolis The Acropolis m The Acropolis f
The Harbinger The Harbinger m The Harbinger f
The Ordu The Ordu m The Ordu f
The Sprinx The Sprinx m The Sprinx f
The Tireliss Soldier Set The Tireliss Soldier Set m The Tireliss Soldier Set f
Theban Panoply Theban Panoply m Theban Panoply f
Tracker's Armor Tracker's Armor m Tracker's Armor f
Umbral Raiment Umbral Raiment m Umbral Raiment f
Vestments of Battlemage Vestments of Battlemage m Vestments of Battlemage f
Warden's Charge Warden's Charge m Warden's Charge f
Warrior's Panoply Warrior's Panoply m Warrior's Panoply f

Special sets

Set name Items of Set Specifications Requirements Male Female
Armament of Gaul Armament of Gaul m Armament of Gaul f
Buccaneer's Garb Buccaneer's Garb m Buccaneer's Garb f
Garb of the Great Merchant Garb of the Great Merchant m Garb of the Great Merchant f
Raient of the Baker Street Sage Raient of the Baker Street Sage m Raient of the Baker Street Sage f
Santa's Garb Santa's Garb m Santa's Garb f
Shinobi Shozoku Shinobi Shozoku m Shinobi Shozoku f
The Texan The Texan m The Texan f

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