As he appears in the original game.

Game Series ToeJam & Earl series
First Appearance ToeJam & Earl 1991
Alias: Toe Jam, DJ TJ, TJ, Master T
Japanese Name: JamuAshinoyubi
Occupation: DJ
Nationality: Alien
Species: Red Three Legged Alien
Age: Teenager
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Funkotron
Likes: Jazz-Funk, rap, Latisha, & junk food
Dis-Likes: Moldy Food
Hobbies: Rapping
Family: His Mom, Dad, Twin sisters, & a baby sibling who's gender wasn't revealed.
Home: Funkotron
Creator(s): Greg Johnson
Voice Actor(s): Kirk McHenry(ToeJam & Earl III)
Trademark: Gold Medallion

He is a DJ Rapper of his own home planet Funkotron. Him along with his best bud Earl, always seem to get themselves into the weirdest and wildest adventures either on planet Earth or on their own planet. Unlike his friend Earl, ToeJam has no mouth. How is he able to put food in his stomach without one? It probably be best not to ask him, since he probably gets annoyed real easily with that kind of question.

ToeJam & Earl III

His appearance in the second sequel remains the same, only with a set of clothes that makes him appear less naked. Including a tank top and a pair of shorts with three sleeves. ToeJam still wears the same baseball cap, shoes, and gold medallion that he was so found of in the previous two installments.

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