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ToeJam & Earl Productions was an American video game developer. Founders Mark Voorsanger and Greg Johnson started the company in 1989.


At the beginning, the company was known simply as Johnson Voorsanger Productions, or just "JVP" as they were credited in the original ToeJam & Earl and in its sequel Panic on Funkotron. After the success of the ToeJam & Earl games, the company was renamed into the more iconic brand of ToeJam & Earl Productions.

JVP introduced the ToeJam & Earl series with the original ToeJam & Earl, followed by Ready-Aim-Tomatoes (a mini-game for Sega's light-gun The Menacer), and the platformer-sequel ToeJam & Earl in Panic on Funkotron. Each was developed exclusively for the Mega Drive/Sega Genesis and published by Sega of America. The latest title in the series was ToeJam & Earl III: Mission to Earth, co-developed by Visual Concepts for the original Xbox.

ToeJam & Earl Productions also created Orly's Draw-A-Story, a multi-award-winning CD-ROM for kids ages 5 to 10. Orly's Draw-A-Story was designed for PCs and Macs and was published by Broderbund.


The company was forced to disband after poor sales of ToeJam & Earl III.[1] Mark Voorsanger currently runs a coaching business out of the same building where ToeJam & Earl Productions was and Greg Johnson started his own video game development studio called HumaNature Studios, and currently owns the ToeJam & Earl intellectual property rights.[1][2][3] Greg Johnson currently has a Nintendo DS game in development, but he has not found a publisher yet.[4]


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