Search and Destroy

You are being recalled into Mexico since the rebel insurgency that occurred yesterday hasn't been stopped. You will be deployed in the area of Juarez to neutralize the unidentified warfare package that may cause problems.

You have a choice of two insertion points, either from the road, or from the cliff. The road is off to the side, and is closer to the overlooking area. The cliff insertion is closer to the village and possibly other enemy forces.

Locate the Outpost

There are several paths to the outpost. Two lead to a cliff overlooking a road, and a third leads through a small village. From the cliff, you can enter a canyon that allows you to take a left to the road or a right for a direct approach to the base.

There are two soldiers patrolling the road to the south, a few patrolling the cliff, and two solders within the village. From the cliff, you can also snipe a rebel standing in the watch tower.

Additional soldiers at the road leading to the west.

Eliminate the Outpost

Eliminate all resistance in the outpost. This includes the soldiers positioned in the three defensive sandbags and other enemies within the main base.

There is a sniper tower, but if you are stealthy, you can take out that enemy before he can react.

Take out artilleries

Locate the two artillery pieces within the mountains. To help locate them, you are given an aerial drone to scout potential locations. While the drone won't directly reveal the artillery pieces, it can help spot enemy soldiers defending them. You can also look through the drone's camera to visually identify the locations of the artillery.

You can flush enemies out with a few grenades, or track their location using the drone.

Destroy the bridge

After destroying the two artillery pieces, head towards the bridge. There will be enemy reinforcements that are arriving from across the bridge, both on foot and by the air. The combat may also attract enemies from the village or western road; if you didn't clear out those areas, watch for incoming attacks from those directions.

Take control of the mounted gun or order another ghost to use it for you. The mounted gun can be used to shoot down the helicopter, but the AI may prefer to fire upon the rebel soldiers.

When you defeated all forces, cross the bridge, and take the path down to the bottom. Plant a C4 charge. It will detonate in a cutscene when you reach the quarry.

Recon in Force

Take over the Entrance

You need to reach the entrance of the quarry to allow the Mule to be deployed.

Before the entrance, there are four enemies in groups of two. They will either be coming around one corner at a distance, or be patrolling the small group of buildings.

As you approach the entrance, you will need to watch for a sniper on the sniper tower. The other enemies are located on the ground and can be defeated easily by your team, although one may try hiding next to a building.

Wait for Allies

Allied forces will arrive via helicopter. A Mule will be dropped, allowing you to resupply and collect different weaponry.

Clear the quarry

Clear out all enemy guards and equipment in the area.

The southernmost position is located near a water tower. Within this camp, enemies will hide in buildings but leave once they are ready to fight.

In the main quarry, there are three guard stations of note. Two are in the corner next to the artillery, and the third is composed of two soldiers with RPGs. To complete the mission, you will need to destroy the artillery positions in the far corners, and the rpg soldiers in the middle.

Watch for a sniper hiding in one of the middle buildings. In addition, enemies may engage from the sides of the quarry and reinforce from an area you believed was cleared.

Once all four locations are cleared, the loyalist forces will take care of the rest of the area. Blackhawk 5 will arrive to take you to Juaréz.

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