You are sent into Mexico City and are dropped by parachute. After landing on a bridge, you are given basic instructions to reach the waypoint, and then to make contact with the rest of your team.

In the first part of the mission, you are guided through the various actions within Advanced Warfighter, such as weaponry, peeking around crorners, and team management.

The route to the closest teammember is without incident. However, you will encounter a few enemeies as you approach the other team members. These enemies are not always visible on the overhead map.

You receive a communication stating that the mission is an abort, and to reach the rally point. The direct route from the farthest soldier will have very few enemies, where any encounter is likely to be a pair of enemies near the rally point.

When you reach the rally point, you receive instructions for using the drone; send it to the location above the waypoint to advance the mission.

The drone picks up the needed information, but you need to kill three soldiers carrying RPGs to allow extraction. An easy way to take care of them is to approach via the west and attack the emplacement from behind. The other two can be defeated by following the path behind the large warehouse.

A final report states that there is a possible coup in progress and to extract as soon as possible. Head to the roof, by the front entrace of the building. In the building, there is one enemy on the upper floor, and one in a sandbag emplacement with a machine gun. There are also two enemies behind the building, near the stairs that provide access to the roof.

Once you reach the helicopter, you will complete the mission.

Coup d'état

The rebels have become aggressive. As stated in the news report and briefing, the Canadian prime minister was killed, and the Vice President of Mexico is requesting assistance.

You are dropped by helicopter in a small square with two exits. The eastern exit has no enemy coverage, while the western exit will have you immediately encounter hostiles.

The eastern exit, although safer, will require you to engage two patrolling solders in the park north of the square. However, you will still need to cross the line of fire of the solders west of your starting position, but you will at least be able to attack or sneak past them from a more advantageous position.

To reach VIP1, you will need to cross the plaza. There are three possible routes to attack, all of which are on the southern side of the plaza. Likewise, there are three groups of enemies. At most two are located in the north-west corner behind a small sandbag wall. At most four can be found in the central part of the plaza, fortifying the large pole. You can also find three in the eastern section of the plaza, and will run into two soldiers patrolling the southern edge.

When you clear or get half-way through the plaza, an enemy vehicle will drive in from the north. Shoot the gunner, and any additional soldiers that arrive.

Before approaching the sign, check the map for locations of enemies to the east. Proceed north through the plaza. When you see the advertisement, check the command map for any roof-top snipers that will attack from the east; one or two may be placed to attack.

The limo for VIP1 will require taking out a machinegun emplacement.

Rebels will begin attacking from the South soon after reaching VIP 1. A safe location is in the north-east corner of the area; this covers one exit, with your teammates making sure that no other entrance will be used by hostiles.

To ensure the extraction of both VIPs, you need to draw forces away from the military base; the recommended diversion is a fuel dump to the south.

As you approach the dump through the plaza, a second enemy vehicle will arrive. Take out the enemies before proceeding.

To cause the diversion, shoot the fuel truck parked in the dump. After doing so, you will be approached by several forces; first an armored car will approach from the northwest, a tank will arrive from the eastern street, and additional foot soldiers will follow the path of the armored car. To avoid any casualties, head north and follow the alleyways to the US base; even if you encounter some soldiers, they aren't as dangerous as the vehicle or tank.

The carpark containing VIP 2 is under heavy siege by soldiers and rooftop snipers. Try to enter the carpark and make contact with the APC. It will advance, but will stop as soon as heavy armor approaches; the helicopter will arrive allowing you to resupply with anti-armor weaponry.

On the way to the helicopter on the rooftop beware of three snipers on rooftops. They can easily be taken out from the second floor after the other Ghosts spot and mark them.

To reach the helicopter, follow the APC as it moves forward, and take a sharp left turn up the ramp. The exit to the roof is located on the east end of the third floor.

Resupply at the helicopter, and equip the ZEUS-MPAR in the third inventory slot (initially blank). Approach the front of the roof to see the tank. Zoom, and fire the missile once it locks on (you will need to hold down the right mouse button).

VIP2 will head to safety. Once it does so, head to the helicopter to leave the area.

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