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To activate the cheats press ' to bring down the console in game and type the cheat you want to use:

TEAMGOD : Team God Mode

AVATARGOD : Player God Mode

STUMPY : Stumpy Mode On

CLODHOPPER : Enlarges Player's Feet and Hands

MEGANOGGIN : Mega Head Mode

BIGNOGGIN : Big Head Mode





TURNPUNCHKICK : Changes Players from 3D to 2D

1-900 : Heavy Breathing

EXPLORE : Victory Conditions On/Off

DEBUGKEYS : Debug Keys Enabled

Debug Keys

A - Artificial Intelligence On/Off

M - Freezes you, most likely AI turned off for just YOU not teamates.

1 and 3 on keypad - shrinks or grows the resoluction of the screen.

- and + on keypad - some type of brief zoom, unknown otherwise

F6 : Look through the eyes of other people in the mission.

F9 : Return to the player you were using to complete the mission.

F10 : Switches from Debug mode to Normal mode

F12 : Level Skip [ and ] : brighten and darken the screen

> and < : Make the player float up or down.

o -zoom in from F1 view

p -zoom out from F1 view

V -Rotates View

B - Brings back to normal view / -Brings you down from floating

F7 - Automatically kills you, no matter if on team god mode or avatar god is on.

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