Multiplayer Unlockables

Rank Points Needed Unlockables
Private 0 Private Package

Snow Camo, Black Camo, Navy, Olive Drab, All shirts and pants, Weapon attachments, Base weapon set, All gadgets, Colossus Recon Armor, Titan Combat Armor, Goliath Assault Armor, Bandana headgear, Retro Glasses, Military Cap

Private First Class 3,000 Headgears 1

Balaclava, Tactical Helmet

Specialist 8,400 Rainbow Weapons

MP7A1, 552 Commando, USP40

Corporal 14,500 Camo 1

Desert, Urban, Russian, Guerilla, Fall, Desert2

Sergeant 23,500 Tactical Armor

Raven Recon Armor, Vulture Combat Armor, Falcon Assault Armor

Staff Sergeant 38,500 Headgear 2

Three Hole Balaclava, Baseball Cap, Breathing mask

Sergeant First Class 56,500 Camo 2

Flecktarn, Orange, Swedish, War2k5, Alpen, White

Master Sergeant 82,500 Freedom Fighter Weapons

AK47, Raging Bull, SV-98

First Sergeant 109,500 Headgear 3

Boonie Hat, Beret, Tinted Goggles

Sergeant Major 139,000 Black Market Armor

Typhoon Recon Armor, Cyclone Combat Armor, Hurricane Assault Armor

Second Lieutenant 172,000 Camo 3

Pink, Blue, Woodland, Wasp, Sand, Crimson

First Lieutenant 214,000 Headgears 4

Half face mask, Reinforced Helmet, Tactical Goggles

Captain 264,000 Mercenary Weapons

MG36, SPAS 12, Desert Eagle

Major 333,000 Military Armor

Viper Recon Armor, Diamondback Assault Armor, Anaconda Assault Armor

Lt. Colonel 415,000 Camo 4

Yellow Urban, Red Urban, Tiger, Rust, Urban2, Grey

Colonel 535,000 Headgear 5

Ballistic Face Mask, Riot Helmet, Night Vision Goggles

Elite 675,000 Camo 5

Custom 1, Custom 2, Custom 3

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