Tom Clancy's is a computer game based on Tom Clancy's Power Plays novel It was published in 1998 by Red Storm Entertainment[1]. The game puts the player in the position of CEO of a new software company. The game features a campaign mode, six different scenarios of varying difficulty and a mutiplayer option.

Gameplay Edit

The game takes place on a map that represents the market share of all the competing companies. Each player in the game is a CEO of a software company. Legal, security and computer attacks are common in the game. Competition comes from the fight over market shares (map squares). A CEO builds their initial buildings and puts their product into the market. Once on the market a products quality will determine its dominance in the market. Dominance in the market provides income to build additional buildings, bid for takeovers or launch different kinds of attacks against the competitors.

Critical reactionEdit

Gamespot reviewed the game in 1999, awarding 6.3 out of 10. Main criticisms included the shortness of the campaign, limited scenarios and lack of replayability. However, the multiplayer mode was deemed "about as much fun as turn-based multiplayer games can be". The graphics were also highlighted, with a well designed interface and inventive visuals[2].


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