Tomcat Alley is an interactive movie FMV video game developed by The Code Monkeys for Mega-CD. It was the first, and only, Mega-CD game to feature extensive full screen, full motion video [2]. It was later released, with higher quality video, for Windows-based PCs.[2]


The player controlled a United States Navy pilot who had to bring peace and stability to the world after the cash-poor former Soviet Union sold off some of its military equipment to an unfriendly government.

The game took place in a full screen, full motion video, first-person perspective, and the player had to move quickly to launch missiles at enemy aircraft.

Critical receptionEdit

GamePro gave the game a perfect score stating, "Time to scramble, jet jocks! Maybe you've always wanted to soar with the Blue Angels... maybe you've always wanted to shoot down the Blue Angels. You can fly your fantasy either way through Tomcat Alley.".[2] However, critics who disliked full motion video based games, or felt that the genre was being oversatured with games, were often much more critical.

EGM gave the gave a largely negative review stating, "Aaargh, another full-motion video game! If you've played Night Trap or Double Switch, then you've played Tomcat Alley." The hardware limitations of the Sega CD itself, "makes the video very blocky and often hard to see.".[2]


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