Torino 2006 is a video game about the 2006 Winter Olympics from Turin, Italy. Its sports are: luge, bobsleigh, biathlon, speed skating, ski jumping, alpine skiing, cross-country skiing and Nordic combined.


In the video game, the venues are based on the real life. They are:

Playable nations

There is a total of 24 playable countries in the game. They are:


These are teams which represent other regions, and in some cases, are the same as the aforementioned nations, simply with different costumes. They can be unlocked by completing certain challenges. They are:


In Torino 2006, you can play in a single event, 9-event competition or a 15-event competition. Alternatively, you can make your own by selecting "Customise Competition" from the main menu.


In Torino 2006, there are five languages to choose from, and each has two commentators. They are:

  • English - Jeff Caster, West Westbrook
  • German - Hans Joachim Peters, Volker Bogdan
  • Spanish - Alejandro Gonzalez, E. Garcia
  • Italian - Emilio de Marchi, Dario de Muro
  • French - Jacky Nonnon, Guillaume Boullay
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