Tornado Jockey is a PC based video game, released in 2006 by WildTangent. The game is played as a tornado in different environments, that require the player to destroy various targets.

Tornado Types

  • F-0: Commonly to start the game with and this tornado is the beginner stage of the game.
  • F-1: The F-1 tornado is mostly like an F-0 but twice as large and powerful.
  • F-2: The F-2 is larger than the F-1 and can destroy more buildings.
  • F-3: Usually, this tornado is halfway to the F-5 tornado and cand cause lots of damages.
  • F-4: A larger tornado causing areas to shatter and breake easily.
  • F-5: The F-5 is the largest tornado of the game and can result to a perfect storm.[1]

Tornado Enemies

While you mindlessly rampage through the towns, many enemies will come in and try to stop your tornado.

  • Ray Cannon: These guns fire lasers that immobilize the tornado while draining its strength.
  • Storm Chaser: Special unit trucks that drop barrels of anti-tornado bombs. If they get into your tornado, expel them quickly!
  • Plane: They circle around the tornado, spraying dense smoke to slow it down.
  • Police Chopper: Police choppers search for tornados so they can call for backup. Try to destroy them as fast as possible.
  • Ray Gun Truck: Mobile version of the Ray Cannon.
  • Radar Bomber: Drops bombs with vacuums that will pull the tornado in.
  • Foam Tank: Shoots thick foam at the tornado. Too much foam with immobilize the tornado.
  • F-Killer Helicopter: Shoots deadly missiles that reduce the tornado's strength levels.


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