Torus Trooper is a freeware shoot-em up released by ABA Games.

Controls Edit

The controls are simple:

  • Arrow keys to move. Press up to accelerate, and down to break.
  • Z to shoot. At full speed, also shoots side shots.
  • X for a charged shot. It absorbs bullets and gives a large multiplier.

Gameplay Edit

The game features three difficult modes: Normal, Hard, and Extreme. The higher difficulty levels have more aggressive opponents, and have a higher-paced game.

In the game, you are given 2 minutes to score as many points as possible. Additional time is awarded by obtaining enough points or by destroying bosses at the end of a zone or level. 100000 points are needed for each 15-second extension, which increases by 10000 points every two levels before maxing out at 500000.

Scoring Edit

  • Enemy bullet: 10 points
  • Small enemy: 100 points
  • Medium enemy: 500 points
  • Boss: 2000 points

The charged shot multiplies points for each enemy or bullet hit, up to x100.