Toxic Grind is an extreme sports game released by THQ in 2002 for the Xbox. It was originally planned for the Nintendo GameCube and PlayStation 2 as well, but was cancelled.


The story behind Toxic Grind is that in the future, skateboarding is a crime as well as BMX biking and inline skating. Violators of the law are sentenced to appear on the world's number-one game show, Toxic Grind, where failure means death. Unfortunately, the game show is so unfair that all the contestants die almost immediately. Eventually, this lack of a struggle causes the show's ratings to tumble. Therefore, to boost ratings, the show's host decides to reach into our present (their past) and kidnap one of the world's best freestyle BMX riders for his show.


Toxic Grind is a fairly conventional extreme sports game that plays much like the rest of its contemporaries. You'll be able to execute vert tricks, grinds, wallrides, and so on, and each trick will earn you points. If you string together a number of successful tricks, you'll be able to pull off special adrenaline tricks for even bigger points. Scoring points comes into play most heavily in the rider battles, which are decided purely on that basis, though you'll also see some score goals in the game's more conventional levels. The rest of the goals are pretty standard for the genre. You'll collect letters to spell words, perform specific tricks on specific level objects, and so on.

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