An Exciting and Skillful Game of Attack and Defend.
~ Toy Soldiers slogan

Toy Soldiers is a 2010 Tower defense Strategy video game by Signal Studios, for Xbox Live Arcade. Toy Soldiers is the first game in the Toy Soldiers series, and was followed by Toy Soldiers: Cold War in 2011.


Toy Soldiers revolves around the popular table top game Toy Soldiers, a World War I themed table top strategy that pits the German and British Army against each other with various model weapons and vehicles. The game however personifies the miniature soldiers, and has them battle against each other in various battlefield dioramas in trench warfare, using the model weapons and vehicles.


Downloadable Content

The Kaiser's Battle

The Kaiser's Battle is a DLC campaign where the player must fight as the French Army against the Germans. Providing the player with new character and weapon models, The Kaiser's Battle gives the player 3 new extra long and difficult levels to complete.


Invasion! is a DLC campaign where the player is pitted as the German Army as they fight off the British and their space age technology and weaponry. Invasion! comes complete with 3 new levels, with character and model changes for all enemy vehicles, with helicopters being replaced with UFOs, new space age tanks with laser canons, and airplanes being replaced by WW2 P-51 Mustangs.

Design & Development

Reception & Legacy



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