Andy's House

Andy's Neighborhood

In this level, you will have to have a race. In this race, you will need rocket boots. There is still a way to beat the car. Whenever you see it coming close, stop in front of it and it will slow down. Keep doing this for all three laps and you should win. The easier way is to earn the rocket boots in level seven, but it is your choice.

Bombs Away

Construction Yard

Alleys and Gullies

Slime Time

Al's Toy Barn

Al's Space Land

Toy Barn Encounter

Elevator Hop

Al's Penthouse

The Evil Emperor Zurg

To damage Zurg, charge up your spin attack and wait for him to "charge" at you. When he does this start spinning and you will damage him. Continue doing this and you will defeat him.

Windows XP Glitch

If playing Toy Story 2 on Windows XP Zurg becomes almost undefeatable, as he never comes close enough to attack. We do not know whether this occurs in every game or only specific games.

If you were assign cardinal directions to this level based on Buzz Lightyear's position at the start of the level, you have to push Zurg into the southwest and southeast corners of the elevator shaft, with the walls closer to the elevator. To do this run parallel to his movements at a diagonal, then when he reaches the corner either go straight towards him, or, if necessary, move back a little and do a small semi-circle in the other direction to keep him from moving the other way. Charge your spin attack and jump off the elevator hitting him with your spin attack. Then, whilst in recoil land back on the elevator. The southwest corner proves less dangerous than the other, so you should try for that one.



Final Boss

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