Toys: Let the Toy Wars Begin is a Super NES and Sega Genesis action game based on the 1992 film Toys starring Robin Williams, where chaos has been spread at a toy factory. The game was released in 1993 for an exclusively North American audience

An irresponsible young man wouldn't take over the company and now his father is dying. In order to get his young adult son to accept his new responsibilities, the father must force him to reclaim his toy factory from a straight-laced Army general that he has appointed as part of a "test of maturity." This results in the player being involved in a "toy war" between an army of military-style toys; these special kind of wars are fought with his or her own personalized action figure army using toys found in certain places in the game.

The player will start each level only possessing a limited supply of toys, whereas the general will have a virtually unlimited supply of toys to throw at the player. Only with skillful strategy can the toy factory be reclaimed from its authoritarian factory manager.


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