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TrackMania Turbo is a game in the TrackMania series. It is a sequel to TrackMania DS.


TrackMania Turbo features four environments, three of which are new for the DS. They include Stadium (which was previously available on TrackMania DS), Coast, Island and Snow. It features track editor and 150 tracks, which are divided into three modes: Race, Puzzle and Platform. Winning medals earns players new blocks, tracks and skins.

The track editor has hundreds of blocks and players can play in multiplayer mode with up to four players with cards. They can also play with players around the world and share their custom tracks through Nintendo Wi-Fi.


  • The game would later share its name with another game in 2016. Coincidentally, both games have four environments.
  • The music used in this game is also used in TrackMania: Build to Race.
  • This is the second game in the series to be available on the Nintendo DS as well as the third to be available on console and the third to be on Nintendo platforms.
  • This is the last game in the TrackMania series to be published by Focus Home Interactive, as well as the last game to feature the Snow, Island and Coast environments and Puzzle mode.
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European Nintendo DS Release23 September 2010 +
European Release23 September 2010 +
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NameTrackMania Turbo (2010) +
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NamesTrackMania Turbo (2010) +
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North American Nintendo DS Release19 April 2011 +
North American Release19 April 2011 +
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StatusReleased +
Year2010 + and 2011 +

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