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TrackMania United Forever (commonly abbreviated TMUF) is a game in the TrackMania series. It is an upgraded version of TrackMania United.


Like TrackMania United, United Forever features all seven environments: Desert, Rally, Snow, Island, Coast, Bay and Stadium. All of the same tracks in the Race, Platform and Puzzle modes are brought back, except most of the A tracks in Race mode have been made longer. Also included is the Stunts mode with 21 new tracks and the 65 tracks from TrackMania Nations Forever are included too.

The track editor returns with a simpler interface, but not a lot of new blocks. One of the few new blocks is a purple turbo booster which makes cars go slightly faster than the standard yellow ones, but not as fast as the red ones. The Coast environment has bigger and longer underground slopes.

Nadeo has stated that they wanted to spend more time improving the engine and user interface and less on adding new content. For example, the game does not require a CD to be in the drive due to different anti-cheat systems and copy protection. Also, TrackMania Nations Forever has all of the new blocks from TrackMania United, so players from both games can compete in the same Stadium servers. Manialinks has been updated too.


  • The music used in this game is also used in TrackMania United, TrackMania Nations Forever, and TrackMania DS. The Stadium music in all four games are remixes of the themes from TrackMania Nations ESWC.
  • The music used in the game's trailer would later be used for the Stadium environment in TrackMania: Build to Race.
  • The game is tied with TrackMania United for having the most environments in a TrackMania game. TrackMania: Build to Race comes in second with six.
  • In the solo campaign, there are no Rally or Coast tracks in Platform and Puzzle mode and no Snow tracks in Platform mode.
  • This is the last game to feature the Bay environment and Stunts mode.
  • For some strange reason, the TrackMania United Forever page on the Steam website features the trailer and Webisodes for TrackMania United.

Star Edition

In 2009, Nadeo released an upgraded version of TrackMania United Forever labelled Star Edition.

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International Microsoft Windows Release15 April 2008 +
International Release15 April 2008 +
Lead ArtistFrançois-Xavier Delmotte +, Stephen Magnardi + and Stéphane Sommer +
Lead ProgrammerXavier Bouchoux +, David Fallot +, Jean-Sébastien Luce +, Nicolas Maurer +, Damien Quilot +, Olivier Torreilles + and Clément Viguier +
Microsoft Windows Release15 April 2008 +
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