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TrainCraft focuses on adding trains and minecart improvements to Minecraft, with one helicopter and one zeppelin also present. Only a development release is currently available for Minecraft 1.6.4.

TrainCraft uses its own Creative Tab to index its blocks and items.

Facts about "TrainCraft"RDF feed
ContentTypeMod +
DeveloperSpitFire4466 + and Mrbrutal +
DisplayNameTrainCraft +
GameCatMod +
Latest Version3.1.13_030 +
NameTrainCraft +
NamePageTrainCraft +
NamesTrainCraft +
PageNameTrainCraft +
PageTypeVideo Games + and Games +
PlatformJava +
PlatformTypeJava +
RequiresMinecraft Forge +
StatusReleased +
Versions3.1.13_030 +

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