Enter codes at the "Campaign/Bonus Features" main menu.

Enter codes for each character during one of their missions. This will change the character's appearance to their Generation 1 skin.

Key: U= Up D=Down L=Left R=Right

Note: Use of these cheats will prevent you from achieving gamerscore!

Code Effect
D L L D R R U G1 Megatron
D R L U D D L G1 Prime
L U D D L U R Generation 1 Skin Jazz
D D U U R R R Generation 1 Skin Optimus Prime
R D L L D U U Generation 1 Skin Starscream
L L U L R D R Infinite Health - Invincible
U,D,L,R,U,U,D No Ammo Reload
R L R L R L R No Military or Police
D U L R R R U D Unlock All mission including 2 special mission
R U U D R L L Unlocks the two Cybertron missions.

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